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this group is for all role players alike. Our job is to have fun with Role playing. so come in. We can do your ocs with any other ocs yuri,mermaids,final fantasy,or any thing you like. Just tell me..

artiest are welcome to share artwork
everyone is welcome to come
Founded 7 Years ago
Jan 10, 2010


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2,158 Members
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Hi, everyone. I am looking for an Rp where someone can  indulge my craving for a monster romance roleplay. I am looking for any kind of  monster to pair up romantically with my character.  It can be a dark romance  or a really romantic one.  I have no  set ideas in mind other than things like  Beauty and the Beast style or something like that. We can make our own plot and discuss it. I prefer to do it over an instant messaging app but can on notes.


-I am looking for a male  one to go for my female OC.
-I paragraph roleplay only with a minimum of five long sentences a post, in the third person and in past tense. I prefer good grammar and spelling.
-18+ content is what I desire and you must be at least that age to do this. Sexual content is allowed.
-No fetishes, please. Well...none like scat, expansion/inflation, vore, watersports, GT and feet fetish.

Please note me with the word Music in the subject line. I cannot see comments on the blog. (If submitted as such.)
I want to make one thing clear. This RP IS NOT A SEXUAL RP, though it may include romantic themes. IT IS 18+ BECAUSE OF LANGUAGE, SENSITIVE THEMES, AND POSSIBLE VIOLENCE. Please note me for more info.
Hello, all! :wave: I am searching for a roleplay with somebody. Please note that I only like to roleplay with people over the age of eighteen, due to potential themes within the story. I have been roleplaying for most of my life, and I must say that I am very good at it. At the moment, I don't have any real strong ideas or cravings, but I do have a gallery of plots, which you can find here:


Here are my rules:

-I require good grammar, good story writing,someone that isn't just going to disappear and somebody who just doesn't want to play the submissive role and that is it. I will not bend on the grammar part. Unless you can use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling, please don't message me.
-I require at LEAST five long sentences a post. Short replies constantly make me lose interest.
-Third person and paragraph style as well. I will not budge.
-Past tense.
-If you lose interest, don't just dump and run. Let me know.
-I don't allow fetishes for the most part. Ask me what I deem okay.

I have a Skype, Kik, Facebook and emails for roleplaying. Please ask me for those.
Here are my OCs:

So I decided to revise my RP interest guidelines and update the fandom list :heart:

Some of my guidelines:
-First and more important read everything :meow: If you have any doubts don’t oubt on telling me ;D
-I RP both fandom and original see below for more info

-I do any tape of pairings ocxoc, cannonxcannon, ocxcannon. MxF, FxF , MxM (though I have not much experience in This last two)

-It is a must that we double… Which means I play a love interest for you and you do the same for me, either in another roleplay or in a only universe, If you can´t do this I´m sorry but we can´t Roleplay, It just seems unfair for me ;

-I´m really not picky on reply length, but as long as you give me something to work with then we are fine. Also I´m not a grammar nazi since my first language isn´t English so I won´t ask you impeccable grammar for you n.n

-I am ok with Mature content Just let me know if you want to include it. This excludes strange fetishes like vore, scat, giantess etc.

-Write wicked on your note or comment to know you read everything ;D

-I like to discuss the RP Plot before. If we are playing with ocs I like to know the most about yours since it helps me to develop plots more easily n.n
-Third person only! No first person at all…

-I am a college student therefore I May or May not be 24/7 for roleplaying, But i will always try to reply at least two or three times a day, if not I will be notifying you before.
-I mostly Rp through notes since its easier for me to keep track on, also I will ask you to remind me of the rp if I didn´t reply for a week or more, sometimes I think I replied but I just didn´t or sometimes my notes get lost…

That´s pretty much it if you want to discuss something Just note me, since I can´t check on comments on journals :heart: won´t bite I promise


*- Means have an OC already planned if no I need to create one But I´m pretty fast with this :D

Character in () - character I like you to play for me if we double or if it´s the same for you we can do 2 different RPs as i Said we can talk i wont bite

If you are interested in something you don´t see Just note me and we can discuss it


-Black Blutter * (Ciel Phanthomhive)
-Beyblade * (Brooklyn Masefield, Takao Kinomiya / Tyson Granger )    
-Metal Fight Beyblade * (Da Xiang Wang, Chi Yun Li)
-Beyblade Shogun steel * (Captain Arrow)
-Beyblade Burst * (Rantarou Kiyama)
-Owari no Seraph * (Shiho Kimizuki)                                            
-Digimon adventure, 02, tri * (Taichi Yagami)
-Tokyo Underground (Tailor Ashford)
- Death Note * (Near / Nate River)
-Princess Tutu *
-Mermaid Melody * (Lady Bat/ as a male)
-Dinosaur King * (Rex Owen)
-Shugo Chara * (Kukai)
-Ouran High School Host Club* (Kyoya Ootori)
-Vocaloid * ( Mikuo Hatsune, Len Kagamine)
-Tokyo Mew Mew
-Kaichou wa Maid sama
-Kamisama Hajimemashita

TV shows/ Movies (cartoon)

-MLP * (Dusk Shine/ Twilight Sparkle genderbent)
-Avatar The last airbender * (Zuko)
-Avatar The legend of Korra * (Bolín)
-Big Hero 6 * (Hiro Hamada)
-Miraculous Ladybug * (Nathaniel)
-Strange Magic

TV shows/ Movies (live action)

-Avengers * (Loki, Captain América / Steve Rogers)
-Criminal Minds
-CSI : Miami
-Law and Order: SVU * (Nick Amaro)
-Wicked, Musical or Book
-The chronicles of Narnia
-Lord of the rings / The Hobbit
-The phantom of the Opera


-Élite school RP
A new school has openes, with the promise of being the world´s greatest school, it only accepts students who pass a test and that are chosen by a patrocinator a pair of friends get the chance to enter, they meet a pair of boys and little by little develop feelings for them… Though they had a secret

-Lost Pet RP
A pair of girls are about to get kicked from their rent place, since school cut their scholarship and they will not be able to pay… On their journey back home it started raining and they hear a loud cry on the distance and found a pair of dogs getting drowned on a river, they jump in and save them… Little did they know the dogs were pets to two famous idols, who hire them to take care of the pets when they are gone and they will pay their rent and school loan…

-Zombies ( pretty self explanatory)
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Role-Play Chat

Here at Role-Playing we'd like to offer our users the opportunity to chat with one another in a free-environment to find better rp's and roleplay in real time with with their fellow peers.

The best place to do this would be

Or alternatively you could use the DeviantArt chat,…


Our founder and I agree we should have done this sooner.

About our group:
As it says we are a Role Playing group. We will accept art of original characters in the gallery as well as stories as long as there is at least one OC. So if you feel like contributing go right ahead.

If you wish to RP with anyone in the group feel free to note them. Even the founder and I will RP with anyone who asks.

No mean or hateful coments on eachother's art. We want everyone who joins to have fun.

try to make it clean as possible and fun

Please do not ask our founder to do yaoi RP or suicide. (Read info on him to know what he likes)








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GinTenshiUchuu Featured By Owner 17 hours ago  Hobbyist

My name is Ren and I'm 29.

I live in the Eastern Time Zone now (-5 CST) .

Currently I am a full time care taker for my Mother so I have a lot of time on my hands when I'm not doing chores or running errands.

I'm looking for someone who can reply often, several times a day through various means. (Generally Skype if we click I'll note the skype sn) I'm not looking for huge paragraphs though they are nice; One liners, small paragraphs or even multiple are fine.

I've been in RP for a good 12 years now, I currently have a few partners but I am looking for more. I only ask for decent grammar and an open mind please be 18+.

I RP just about everything so limits aren't really existent for me. As of right now I'm MxM, I haven't done FxM in a long time but would be willing to try again.

Oh, pet peeve, if you start an RP with me, don't just poof and disappear it's rude. If you don't want to RP with me anymore that's absolutely fine but please give me a heads up.

First person is who I would RP


My Fandoms that are currently in RP:

Kingdom Hearts (Sora/Anyone male)

Rise of The Guardians (Jack/Aster or Jack/Pitch/Kozmotis Jack/Other)

Kuroshitsuji (Ciel/Anyone male)

Junjou Romantica (Misaki/Anyone male)

Fandom's that can be considered:

Inuyasha (Kagome/ Anyone but Inuyasha)

Harry Potter (Hermione/ Anyone but Ron)

Ouran Highschool Host Club (Haruhi/ Anyone male but Tamaki )

Labyrinth (Sarah/Jareth)

Phantom of the Opera (Christine/Erik)

Legend (Lily/Darkness)

Fandom would be my preference We can even do crossovers if that's your thing too just let me know what you'd like to crossover with and if I haven't seen it I'll look into watching it so we can do a cross over of that. I enjoy Fantasy, Sci-fi, Mystery, Paranormal and Horror <3.
This will also be posted in several other RP groups.

Thanks, Ren

PS: It's a bit strange but for some time I've actually wanted to RP myself with Lucifer (Not from the series, you know actual your representation of) yes I know -flamesofdeath- if anyone is actually interested in this, it would be top choice. It would be Romance/ whatever else you'd be interested in.

NoxidamXV Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Would anyone like to RP Overwatch?
victoriahellsing Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Would anyone like to roleplay Attack on Titan? 
LOLOL-Lord Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2016  New Deviant
Hello! I am looking for people to RP with! I made this RP account today. But it`s hard to find people that are in the Mystic Messenger fandom. But I am willing to RP with any fandom. If you want to RP with me please go onto my profile and reply to the featured comment. 

blue heart bullet OC`s are always welcome just as long as they are not plain marysue`s and garysue`s.

blue heart bullet No killing the muse.

blue heart bullet You can RP smut but not in the comments.

blue heart bullet No self harm, rape, nor fetish RPs.

blue heart bullet English is the only known langue I know. I use google translate or bing to translate words into Korean and it`s not always going to be perfect. But please be kind to the admin for spelling errors. Everyone makes mistakes.

blue heart bullet Please be patient when RPing. I am a very forgetful person and may not log into this account for a little while. So please don`t think I am ignoring you and spam me with comments.

 blue heart bullet Please do not claim Yoosung as your own or fight for him with other people. Yoosung loves everyone. Don`t forget that this is a dating sim character we are talking about. Yoosung loves all player-chans!

surlimhnv Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2016
Fairy Tail, Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Teen Titans (alone or, if possible, crossover with Young Justice), Last Airbender, Korra, Ben 10, Detective Conan, Digimon, Ninja Turtles, Code Lyoko, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Pokemon, Gravity Falls, Card Captor Sakura, Shaman King

-Cannon mixed with OCs (if any)
-DA Chatrooms, Skype or Gmail / Google Hangouts
NightmareDude67 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2016
Hello, I am in need of people interested in doing an RPG with me both old and new members.  

I am still interested in doing the following, we can elaborate more of the plot in Notes

--Medieval (Alchemist role)
--Fantasy (Modern or other times)
--Fairy Tales
--Animals turned Human
--Experiment gone wrong

There's a few in universe OC RPs I would like to do

Fairly Odd Parents,
Teen Titans,
American Dragon,
Pokemon (Mystery Dungeon)

But now I wanted to post up a few rules in terms of RPing, please read them.

1. Please write at least a Paragraph or more posts. Doesn't have to be novel length but just write more then five sentences in detail.
2. I only do Original Characters, I don't play Canon characters ever so please don't ask. Also, tell me your character you plan to use as well as your own set of rules
3. I am a bit slow in the notes replies sometimes with college or life, so keep that in mind.
4. If there is Romance, please keep it straight. I will always play the Male.
5. Please tell me if you want the story mature or not. I prefer my stories to be mature so please be 18+ if you plan on doing so. No Sex.
6. If I did stop an RP before, please remind me if you want to continue or do a new one.
7. If there is an issue in the RP, please tell me beforehand so we can work up a solution.
8. Note me if you have any questions or want to RP
9. I can either play as a Human or Anthro if you prefer
10. I tend to develop plots as our characters start to interact so I can get a handle on where to take the story If you have any story ideas, please let me know.
11. Please tell me your rules and what RP you would like to do.
12. I understand my spelling might not be great, but please don't make a huge scene about it.
13. I would prefer to play only fictional stories

Thank you once more for your attention.
SolidMars Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I am looking for a long term RP partner, who's fine with the following:

:bulletgreen:Originals only, no fandoms. I don't like writing fandoms/don't care enough to write them.
:bulletblue:No one liners, unless you absolutely have to. I am capable of writing up to 4-5 paragraphs per reply but that's only if you're willing to put some effort in the rp. 3rd person or 1st person is fine, I don't tolerate scripting at all. I will respond in 3rd person though. 
:bulletyellow:Please be fine with playing both male and female roles, if you're gonna pin a male on me all the time I am going to grow bored eventually. 
:bulletred:Be fine with 18+ themes, violence, despair, generally really bad things happening to characters (that can go all the way to death). If you can't handle it, please don't waste my time, I am not looking for rainbows and butterflies.  
:bulletpink:sex/fetish is fine, i don't mind writing it, but I am fine with skipping it as well, no big deal. (ask me about it)
:bulletorange: Do NOT start a rp then drop it without warning. Have the common courtesy to let me know you don't like a story, I won't bite. If you write two lines then disappear, you're getting blocked and added to a public blacklist. 
:bulletblack:I do: Slice of life, fantasy, sci-fi, war themes, romance and other things, Yuri or straight, either way is fine. I prefer elaborate plots with character development. I won't do: horror, Yaoi, disgusting fetishes.
:bulletwhite:I rp in notes and skype. Note me if you're interested. 
Serah-Saroc Featured By Owner Edited Aug 6, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I'm searching a roleplay partner (obviously)
Here what I'm looking for:

- I'd like a comical fantasy RP, It could be medieval or modern times.
- I accept romance anyway
- No fandoms
- No too gore ( just good enough for me )
No one liners ( at least be creative )
- Have to be 3rd person
- I
 tolerate 18+ RP but ask me first
- Respect characters feelings

Here my two characters:



If you need more informations just ask me

I'm a french person by the way so sorry if my grammar are not always correct.
Tori-Jinxx Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm interested! 
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